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A Walsworth Yearbooks New Adviser Resource

The job of yearbook adviser can be a unique challenge, unlike any other in your school. Leaning on words of wisdom from those who have gone before them can be invaluable for new advisers.
In our free eBook, "Our Best Advice: Lessons for New Advisers From the Yearbook Experts," Walsworth Yearbooks has compiled simple, easy-to-follow tips from some of the most experienced yearbook advisers in the country. 
Our Best Advice will help you:
Develop a philosophy
Manage your yearbook staff
Learn to use technology
Select a theme and start on coverage
Determine the best way to handle finances
Create a grading system

Read what the experts have to say

Brian Wilson
Yearbook Adviser, Palo Alto High School
"Empower your students. Remember they have very few other outlets that allow them to feel as if they are truly in charge of their education... But being part of the yearbook staff gives them a sense of ownership that they don't get anywhere else."
Crystal Kazmierski
Yearbook Adviser, Arrowhead Christian Academy
"Have fun with theme, but don't let that be the only good thing about your book. The focus should be on what goes BETWEEN the theme pages, not just on them."