Get 12 tips to make your first year easier

A Walsworth Yearbooks New Adviser Resource

The job of yearbook adviser can be a challenging one, unlike any other in your school. Fortunately for those new to the job, Walsworth Yearbooks is here to provide guidance.
In our eBook, "12 Essential Yearbook Tips for the New Adviser," new yearbook advisers can get their first year off to the right start.
Learn how to:
Build up a support network
Manage yearbook staff and meet deadlines
Master the basics of creating the yearbook
Create a calendar to stay organized
Set up a marketing plan to promote sales
Teach and train your staff

Check out these sample tips you will get!

Meet with your administrator
Make it a priority to establish a positive and open relationship with them. Write down their expectations of you and the yearbook program... Inquire about yearbook policies at your school.
Understand the financial aspects
The yearbook program is basically a small business with a budget of thousands of dollars. Get to know the school's bookkeeper, who can help you follow proper financial procedures.